Impact Minerals Limited Annual Report 2021

ADDITIONAL SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION as at 24 September 2021 Impact Minerals Ltd Annual Report 2021 140 Additional information required by the Australian Securities Exchange Limited and not shown elsewhere in this report is as follows. 1. Distribution of Holders of Equity Securities Analysis of number of equity security holders by size of holding: Shares Held Shareholders 1 - 1,000 152 1,001 - 5,000 105 5,001 - 10,000 113 10,001 - 100,000 1,999 100,001 and over 1,866 Total 4,235 The number of holders of less than a marketable parcel of ordinary fully paid shares is 1,123. 2. Substantial Shareholders Substantial shareholders (i.e. shareholders who hold 5% or more of the issued capital): Number of shares Percentage held ABC BETEILIGUNGEN AG 202,789,541 10.02 MRS SUSANNE BUNNENEBERG 200,199,999 9.89 3. Voting Rights a) Ordinary Shares Each shareholder is entitled to receive notice of and attend and vote at general meetings of the Company. At a general meeting, every shareholder present in person or by proxy, representative of attorney will have one vote on a show of hands and on a poll, one vote for each share held. b) Options No voting rights. 4. Quoted Securities on Issue The Company has 2,023,794,919 quoted shares on issue. 5. On-Market Buy Back There is no current on-market buy back.